Enkhuizen Open Air Museum (Zuiderzee Museum)

UitgangWhen you look at the map of the Northern part of The Netherlands one of the first things you notice is the big inland sea known as the IJsselmeer. Less than a century ago this inland sea was indeed a real sea. It was called “De Zuiderzee” (the Southern Sea). But in 1932 the 30 km long Afsluitdijk cut the Zuiderzee off from the North Sea and turned it into the huge lake it is today. Many of the small towns and villages on the shores of the former Zuiderzee lost their direct connection to the North Sea. People were concerned that the fishing culture of these towns and villages would slowly disappear. So for this reason 130 historical buildings with a fishing culture connection were allocated a spot in the open air section of the Zuiderzee Museum in Enkhuizen.

You can wander there for hours and see  life as it was in these sea fishing towns and villages over 100 years ago. Many of the houses, small companies and house based businesses are open to the public. Every day there are many volunteers present to show you how people in these fishing communities lived their ordinary lifes. It’s a great place to visit.



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