Private-Guided Tours in Amsterdam (2)

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn

Rembrandt is without a doubt one of the most famous Dutch painters of the 17th Century. Though born in Leiden in 1606, this Dutch Master moved to Amsterdam in 1631 where he lived until his death in 1669. GoDutchTours can take you to many Rembrandt-related sights in Amsterdam;

the house where he worked and lived
the Amsterdam square where his statue overlooks the ‘Nightwatch’ musketeers
the Kloveniersdoelen (the hall where those musketeers used to meet, now a hotel)
the former city hall where they later cut off slices of this grand painting
(simply because it was too big for the wall  where it was supposed to hang)
the church where Rembrandt is buried.
the Rijksmuseum where many of Rembrandt’s paintings are to be seen.

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