Polders and Meadows


Dutch village

The Netherlands, The Low Countries, Les Pays Bas, Nederland; all these names relate to the fact that large parts of what is also known as Holland lie below sea-level and would be submerged by the sea if there weren’t dikes to protect them. So once outside the big cities you can find many small towns and villages that depend on the dikes and canals to keep their citizens feet dry.

Purmerringvaart      West-Friese dijk


The photo’s here were all made in the rural areas just north of Amsterdam giving you a short impression of what the province of Noord-Holland looks like.

Explore with GoDutchTours the small cities, towns and villages. See lots of polders and meadows, dikes, ditches, canals and plenty of windmills. And, as with all my tours, this Polder and Meadows tour can be easily adjusted to any of your special wishes. Visiting a real working windmill, riding on a steam train through these beautiful landscapes, playing a game of Dutch Farmer’s Golf* or cycle with me on picturesque cycling paths and take photos like these yourself; anything is possbible.

The last photo shows you the beautiful tiny city of Medemblik, now bordering the IJsselmeer, but long ago it was a blooming and wealthy Zuiderzee city.
Kasteel Radboud or Radboud Castle lies just north of the city. It once was an invincible stronghold protecting wealthy Medemblik from being attacked.

*Dutch Farmer’s Golf: hitting a ball with a “woodenshoe on a stick”, trying to land it into a bucket burried further on in the meadow.

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