Hoi” (1)

Your GoDutchTours tour guideMy name is Atte Dijkema and I’m your GoDutchTours guide. I’m 62 years old and  live in a small city just north of Amsterdam. These days I earn my living as a taxi driver for special care children, but before that I was a primary school teacher for 36 years.

I would love to share my knowledge of our beautiful “kikkerlandje” (2) with you and show you all those nice and interesting spots that you probably would have missed if you were to explore my country on your own. I’m open to all your suggestions of what you really want to see and it’s no problem at all to adjust my tours to your special interests. Just share them with me and I will come up with a custom made tour which matches your desires.

Whether you only want a 4-hour city tour of Amsterdam or a full day (even a few days) of touring Holland, this is the place to start it all. The Netherlands is just a small country, so travelling to other interesting places is no problem at all.

I’m a very experienced driver and my Ford Kuga comfortably seats three extra persons, even four provided you’re not too big. If you don’t have any special wishes of what to see, please explore my site and discover that Holland has a lot more to offer than just Amsterdam,”tulpen, klompen en windmolens” (3).

If two or more consecutive days of touring is too much for you, you can also  alternate between my tours and exploring Amsterdam or Holland on your own. I can provide you with tips and suggestions for those days without me. On the other hand, I can  also take you on some very relaxing and enjoyable bike tours to visit picturesque villages which tourists normally don’t see. Or let me take you on a “Fluisterboot” (4) trip to show you “Waterland”; an appropriate name for a very beautiful area just north of Amsterdam full of small lakes, ditches, farmland and meadows. This is rural Holland at its best!

(1) “Hi”

(2) “Little Frog Land” = one of the nicknames of The Netherlands

(3) “tulips, wooden shoes and windmills”

(4)”whisper boat” = a small electric driven boat