The Delta Works

Hans Brinker once saved the Dutch by putting his finger into a dike thus preventing the low country from being flooded by the sea. These days the Dutch rely for their safety on the Delta Works.
If you want to see more of this “Eighth Wonder of the World” you’ll have to make the choice to go either north or south.afsluitdijk

In the North you can visit the Zuiderzee Werken (Southern Sea Works) of which the 32 km long Afsluitdijk (Enclosure Dike) was one of the biggest achievements. The Afsluitdijk was finished in 1932 after years of hard labor and  turned the former Zuiderzee into the present freshwater lake IJsselmeer. It connects the province of Noord-Holland with the province of Friesland.

In the south you can visit the Delta Works which  is a series of construction projects in the southwest of the Netherlands. These works consist of big dams, sluices, locks, dykes and some huge storm surg barriers which together protect the southern part of The Netherlands from being flooded by the Northsea. Next to these enormous constructions the artificial island of Neeltje Jans is really worth a visit. This museum entirely dedicated to the Delta Works was constructed to facilitate the making of the Oosterscheldedam. This nine kilometer long storm surge barrier was designed as  a closed dam, but after huge public protest immense sluice-gate-type doors were installed in the last four kilometers of the dam. In this way the marine life behind the dam is preserved and saltwater fishing can continue, but as the doors can be closed under adverse weather conditions the land is still protected from being flooded by the sea. Oosterscheldekering

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