Private-Guided Tours in Amsterdam

There is much to see and to do in Amsterdam. If you’re going to visit our capital for the first time, the choice of what you’re going to see will not be an easy one. Amsterdam has many beautiful sight-seeing-spots and is home to many famous museums, galleries and other attractons. GoDutchTours can offer you a custom-made tour based on  your interests,  showing you the beauty of our capital while getting there.






Flower Market - Singel

The ‘Bloemenmarkt’, Amsterdam’s famous floating flower market on the Singel Canal. All these flower stalls stand on boats and sell many sorts of tulips, narcissus and other flowers. They also sell flower bulbs  of all kinds which are ready for export and can  be taken home to beautify your garden.  The market is open all season and in November and December the stalls also sell beautiful Christmas arrangements and  Christmas trees.
The Floating Flower Market has been there since 1862.






Blauwbrug - AmstelThe ‘Blauwbrug’ (Blue Bridge). It crosses the river Amstel, which gave it’s name to Amsterdam (=dam in the Amstel). The bridge derives its name from a blue wooden bridge in the 17th Century which no longer exists. The new stone bridge has three openings for ships and the bridge as well as the lantern poles and its lanterns are richly decorated.