is a privately-owned company with just one employee; me. If you’re looking for a mass produced tour with hectic dawn to dusk schedules, you’ve certainly come to the wrong place. I’m here to guarantee you an unforgettable tour at your own pace. No hurrying, no “Hey, I can’t hear what you’re saying” or “Sorry, what were you pointing at?”,  just because you’re tucked away in the back row of your touring crowd.

Any tour with GoDutchTours is with you and your travel companions only. I certainly know my way around Amsterdam and I’d love to tell you all about our beautiful capital. So there’s no need to walk around with your nose in a guidebook and miss half of what there is to see.  I’ll guide you safely along scenic canal side roads, lead you through picturesque little alleys and avoid all the big noisy streets and busy roads the large bus groups will have to take. I’m giving you the opportunity to really see the city at its best.

In any regular 4-hour  GoDutchTours tour you’ll get to see plenty of photo hotspots, as most of Amsterdam’s highlights are within walking distance of each other. And if walking is a problem we’ll use one of the buses, trams or metro to get us swiftly to where we want to go.

Going on tour with  GoDutchTours also means you’ll have ample time to take  all the photos you want.
And if you want to be part of the photo yourself, I shall be more than happy to take the photo for you.

Any Amsterdam GoDutchTours tours can easily include a visit (entrance fee not included) to one of  the Amsterdam museums, such as:

the Van Gogh Museum,
the Rijksmuseum with Rembrandt’s Nightwatch, ——->
he Stedelijk Museum (modern art),
the Scheepvaart Museum (Maritime Museum)
the Amsterdam Hermitage Museum.

And if by chance art is not your thing: there are over 75 museums in Amsterdam, so I’m sure  I can find you one that will be of interest to you. But there’s lots more to see in Amsterdam, like the world-famous canals which are of course a definite must-see if you’re in Amsterdam, as is the Red Light District, or you may also may want to go to:

the  Anne Frank House ,
Artis Natura Magistra (the beautiful Royal City Zoo),
the Heineken Experience,
the almost 400 years old Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam,  
the Dutch Madame Tussauds,
the Amsterdam Dungeon (not for the faint hearted).

But, whatever your choice, I’m sure you will not be disappointed by what you’re going to see and experience.

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